City Panoramas

London, New York, Rome, Singapore, Dubai and Tokyo City Panorama Drawings

Stephen took on his largest project to date in 2005, when he returned to Tokyo to create a panoramic drawing - the largest of his career - of the city. Two months later he drew a similarly detailed picture of Rome, including the Vatican and St. Peter's Cathedral, entirely from memory.

In December, after a 20-minute helicopter ride, Stephen spent a week creating a 10-meter-long drawing of Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour and the surrounding urban scene. (He dedicated the work as a Christmas present to the city's residents.) Later on he added Frankfurt, Madrid, Dubai, Jerusalem and London to his collection.

The following drawing in the series was of his spiritual home, New York where he embarked a five day marathon drawing on a 6 metres canvas live on television.

Further trips followed to Sydney, Shanghai, Brisbane, Singapore, Istanbul, Houston, Mexico City and Doha, Qatar later.

Stephen Wiltshire City Panoramas
In July 2014, Stephen was commissioned by Singapore to create a panoramic drawing of the city, which became part of the National Collection of Singapore to celebrate the nation's 50th birthday. 150,000 visitors attend his exhibition in just 5 days, setting an attendance record in the history of the country.

In 2019, the newly redesigned 80th floor observatory of the Empire State Building, New York officially reopened bearing Stephen's design based on his panorama drawing of the city he created in 2017 in the very same building as a part of his live drawing show. The $165 million redevelopment also includes a new 10,000 square feet museum space where visitors can purchase reproductions of our artist's work.

Tokyo Panorama

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Rome Panorama

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Madrid Panorama

Dubai Panorama

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Jerusalem Panorama

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London Panorama

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New York Panorama

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Singapore Panorama

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Panorama drawings

Starting with Tokyo in 2005, Stephen Wiltshire has drawn Rome, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Madrid, Dubai, Jerusalem, London, Sydney, Shanghai, Brisbane and New York on giant canvases.

His most recent trips took him to Singapore, Istanbul, Houston, Mexico City and Doha, Qatar.


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Stephen Wiltshire's private art gallery is located in Notting Hill, London, welcoming his collectors on an appointment basis.

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