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Stephen Wiltshire
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The Wiltshire Pad

We have now moved to our new and amazing gallery space in Notting Hill, West London, just next door to Kensington Palace. The Wiltshire Pad now offers highly personalised service on an appointment basis in a much larger, more comfortable and less formal environment. Check out our new place!

London Gallery

The PINC Experience

PINC 2019

Meet Stephen in Sarasota, Florida on the 12th of December at PINC, where he presents his life story, passion, and talent on stage. The PINC Experience brings together 12 speakers from all around the world in the power of innovation and ingenuity.

Empire State of Mind

Empire State of Mind - Stephen Wiltshire

The newly redesigned 80th floor observatory of the Empire State Building, New York has now officially reopened bearing Stephen's design based on his panorama drawing of the city he created in 2017 in the very same building as a part of his live drawing show. The $165 million redevelopment also includes a new 10,000 square feet museum space where visitors can purchase reproductions of our artist's work.

The perfect 20/20 vision

2020 Calendar

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