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Stephen Wiltshire
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Nissan Micra advert

Drawn at First Sight

Drawn at First Sight is an artistic collaboration between the new Nissan Micra and Stephen, created with Google Tilt Brush. Stephen is known for his detailed drawings from memory. Nissan gave him only 60 seconds to memorise their Micra and challenged him to draw it in virtual reality, a tool he'd never used before.

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Nissan Micra advert

Mexico City Panorama

Stephen travelled to Mexico City to host his exhibition as well as performing a live drawing session in the heart of the capital. Following his signature style helicopter trip over the city, he recreated the view on a large canvas at the Tower of Bancomer in front of his fans.

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Nissan Micra advert

Houston Panorama

Watch Stephen's journey to Houston, TX recreating his view of the city on a giant canvas at The Galleria in 2016. What a year it has been!

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On behalf of Stephen and the team at the Gallery, we wish you a wonderful Festive Season and a very successful and Happy New Year!

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