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Stephen Wiltshire

Sunday browsing with Stephen Wiltshire

Stephen, tell us what inspired you to create these drawings?

I love cities, skylines and skyscrapers and one day I felt like drawing this scene in one of my favourite cities, New York. I am fascinated by the chaos and order, the straight avenues vs the rush hour traffic and the people who make these metropolises work. Yellow taxis are cool too.

Sunday browsing with Stephen Wiltshire

My Mum was born in St Lucia and every now and then I visit the island. The Pitons are beautiful volcanic mountains and it is always very hot there.

St Lucia

My home will always be London, my favourite city. You can find the classic gothic buildings as well as modern skyscrapers, new developments and the River Thames on a spring afternoon. I always find something new and exciting to draw of my hometown.


Limited editions - something special

I draw every day, sometimes just doodling in my sketchbook playing with ideas, other times I know exactly what I am going to draw and add all the details I can remember. I like Paris a lot, it is very romantic, I still remember the first time I went with ITN News and I drew Notre Dame. This time it is an aerial view of Paris with Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Limited Editions

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