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Live on stage in Sarasota, Florida

Live on stage 🎤

Watch Stephen Wiltshire and sister Annette making an appearance on stage at PINC in Sarasota, Florida in December 2019. Annette and Stephen talk about growing up, struggles, willpower, inspiration, ambitions, diligence and achievements in their first ever live debut together.

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The Great Brand New

Stephen's new limited edition series captures the essence of one of the most significant and life-changing events in our modern history. While we are suppose to learn from the past, empower the present and create our future, Stephen's never-ending optimism and desire for constant development still centers around possibly the most influential participants who can make a difference, People.

Take a look at his composition from a distance, then get close and view the details. What do you see?

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The Great Brand New
Stephen is well known for his fine line and detailed drawings of cities, street scenes and skylines. Whether he depicts a moment in his life letting us to take a peek of the world through his eyes, or opens up an imaginary world for us that only he knows, his latest work titled The Great Brand New, in turn, allows us a rare opportunity to immerse in his conceptual creativity.

The Great Brand New is now available for sale as special limited edition series in two sizes, signed and numbered by the artist. It also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity with Stephen Wiltshire's original signature. The original work is now part of Stephen's archive and will be kept for a retrospective exhibitions as well as future generations to admire.

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Download Stephen's new mobile wallpapers!

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