Start Your Art Collection
it is time to
Start Your Art Collection
With an ever so slightly more optimistic outlook gathering pace on this planet, it might be the best time to grow your own art collection. Whether it is an iconic piece you are after in Stephen's current portfolio of original works or planning to acquire a personalised drawing exclusively created for you, we are ready.

With commissions, you can finally own an original Stephen Wiltshire that you have always wanted. Just tell us the city, view, the landmark you have fond memories of or simply ask Stephen to sketch anything he feels like for you, and we take care of the rest. Check out our page showing some of his past commissions, and tell us what piece would make your heart melt.

Commission Your Own Piece
Billions of Windows - The Full Movie
amazing cinematic experience
Watch The Full Movie
After three years behind the camera and following our artist's every step, we have now released our feature-length documentary. The film takes you on a journey with one of the most extraordinary artists of modern time.

Through this cinematic experience you will get to know Stephen better and find inspiration to follow your dreams and remain benevolent, no matter what achievements or challenges life brings you.
Watch the Full Movie
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