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Hello Mr. Wiltshire, my name is Albert and I am from Barcelona, Spain. Excuse my English, its not too good. I didnt know nothing about you since 2 hours ago, I could see a tv report about you and your work and later I was visiting your website. Im really impressed by your works. I know New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and some places that I could recognize in your drawings and paintings, you make great the little things, the details that could disappear in a picture take presence and weight with your hands.

I am an A level art student from Gower, South Wales just wanted to say how much of an inspiration youve been to my artwork. I almost constantly draw in graphic pencils and black ink, so much in fact, that ive been christned `mono-chrome boy` by my art teacher. I have a real passion for detail and intricacy in my drawing, and have chosen you as my artist to study in several of my units in college. I just wanted to say how amazing your work is, im using you again now in my current unit, where I shall be looking at your venice drawings. Along with...

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